Credit: Sanrio

Frustrated office workers, say hello to your new spirit animal.

Sanrio, the Japanese company behind Hello Kitty and countless other super-kawaii characters, has introduced a bizarre but entirely relatable mascot in the form of Aggretsuko, a mild-mannered red panda who secretly hates her soul-crushing corporate job.

In a blithely dark video posted to social media Friday, the adorable office lady is seen waking up bleary-eyed, riding a crammed subway to work, being waylaid by an oblivious boss, dealing with annoying co-workers, and enduring other indignities of the modern world. “This wasn’t what she expected,” the video says. “During her 20s the prime of her life. … What will happen to her?”

To deal with her pent-up frustration, Aggretsuko plots her escape and sings heavy-metal karaoke after work. Get to know her better in the video below.