By Rachel Yang
August 10, 2020 at 01:43 AM EDT

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's racy music video for "WAP" just scored some Oscar cred.

Academy Award-winner Viola Davis seems to love the new song so much that she reposted two fan-made memes that edited her into the visuals. In one of the images, a fan superimposed Davis' face and skin tone over the body of Kylie Jenner, who had a brief but controversial cameo in the video.

"Who did this?" Davis wrote on Instagram, along with crying and heart-eye emojis and the original creator's username. We gotta say, the leopard print and long tresses look great on the Fences actress.

Later, Davis shared another fan-made creation: an edit of the video including a scene of Davis' character Annalise Keating dancing on How to Get Away With Murder. The inserted clip fit perfectly with visuals of Cardi and Megan twerking, though fans of the show might have never expected Annalise to get down to the lyrics "There's some whores in this house."

"#HowToGetAwayWithWAP," Davis captioned the funny video.

It didn't take long for Cardi to notice that the actress was down with her song. "I'm so fan out right now ya don't even know," the rapper tweeted, responding to Davis' post.

Other celebrities were here for the edits too. SZA, Donald Faison, Questlove, and Halle Berry all commented on the actress' Instagram post.

"Slay all day!!" the Scrubs star wrote.

"Let's go get this Cardi B x Viola D remix collab #VtheeStallion," Insecure's Kendrick Sampson replied, even coming up with Davis' rap moniker.

Cardi's fans would undoubtedly support Davis joining the WAP Cinematic Universe, especially since many of them didn't approve of Jenner's inclusion in the original music video, given her and her family's history of appropriating Black culture. A petition to remove Jenner from the video has garnered 63,000 signatures and counting.

While not naming Jenner specifically, Cardi addressed the backlash in a Friday tweet, saying that part of the goal of the video was "to include different women, that are different races and come from different backgrounds, but are so powerful and influential." Normani, Rosalía, Mulatto, and other female artists made cameos in the "WAP" video as well.

So it seems Cardi's made it clear that Jenner's cameo isn't going anywhere... but that doesn't mean she isn't cooking up a remix featuring V Thee Stallion at this very moment.

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