The Fast & Furious star discussed his latest track with James Corden and "the nostalgic element of the song."

Fast & Furious star Vin Diesel is singing a new tune these days. With his movie commitments on hold because of the pandemic, Diesel turned his talents towards music. And Friday brought the release of his latest single, his second since dropping "Feel Like I Do."

Called "Days Are Gone," the song "kind of represents how we all feel right now, reminiscing about a time pre-COVID where our lives were different," the actor told James Corden in an interview Thursday night for The Late Late Show. "I can't say it's about the pandemic, but I can say it's about something that I think people will relate to. The nostalgic element of the song, I think people will really gravitate to. I hope they do."

Given the current status of the world, Diesel wanted the first two songs he released to be "upbeat or positive in some way," he added.

"Don't you miss those days when we didn't worry about anything?" Diesel sings on the track. "But now those days are gone."

Listen to the new song in the video above.

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