The rapper explains why he's pulled out of Friday's "Independence Day Throwback Beach Party" in Austin, Texas.
Vanilla Ice
Credit: Manny Hernandez/Getty

This is why we can’t have Ice things.

Vanilla Ice's Fourth of July weekend concert has been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The rapper has pulled out of Friday's "Independence Day Throwback Beach Party" in Texas after he decided to stop, collaborate and listen to uproar following reports about the show gaining traction this week.

"I'm not going," he said on Twitter. "I listen to my fans. I hear all you people out there. I didn't know the numbers were so crazy in Austin. We were hoping it would be a lot better by the Fourth of July. We booked this concert a long time ago. Basically, just want to stay safe. We do take it serious. We were just hoping for a good time but it turned into a big focal point on me and it's not about that. Anyway, happy Fourth of July and by New Years hopefully this corona crap will have a cure!"

Just four hours before, Vanilla Ice defended the show on Twitter: "I take the coronavirus serious. But we can't live in a bubble. I think at this point we all understand the severity of it. Practice social distancing and wear a mask. This is an outside venue, Fourth of July on the lake with fireworks. Plenty of room for distancing."

The rapper's event was set to take place July 3 despite COVID-19 cases spiking to record numbers in Texas. While bars in the state are closed, the concert venue on the shores of Lake Travis was considered exempt due to it technically being a restaurant.

“I can’t wait to get back to this," the "Ice Ice Baby" singer posted on Instagram earlier this week along with some of his previous packed concert footage. "The 90s were the best. We didn’t have coronavirus, or cell phones, or computers. We had 5.0's, blockbuster, Beavis and Butthead, Wayne's World, Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan ... Mortal Kombat is still better than Fortnight ... the last of the great decades.”

A July 4 show at the same venue headlined by Color Me Badd, however, is totally still on.

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