Actual concerts are still on hold. But virtual concerts are a thing.
Travis Scott; Fortnite
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Hip-hop star Travis Scott is officially set as the next performer to put on a virtual concert from inside the Fortnite game space.

Last year, EDM producer Marshmello became the first music celebrity to drop a live performance in Fortnite. Players gathered in front of a virtual stage and the DJ spun a 10-minute set. Now, EW is told Epic Games is planning for something "much bigger, far more intricate" with Scott's event.

Posters for the concert, called Astronomical, began popping up in Fortnite and players took notice. Epic Games formally announced details on Monday. This "one-of-a-kind musical journey" will feature the world premiere of a brand-new track from the Astroworld rapper.

Actual concerts are still on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic, but virtually, the show will go on.

Credit: Epic Games

The event is really a virtual tour. Scott will first perform on April 23 at 7 p.m. ET for players in North America with additional times set in the coming days. Digital doors open 30 minutes before showtime. See the schedule below.

4/23 - The Americas - 7 p.m. EDT

4/24 - EU & ME - 10 a.m. EDT

4/25 - Asia & Oceania - 12 a.m. EDT

4/25 - EU & ME - 11 a.m. EDT

4/25 - The Americas - 6 p.m. EDT

Ahead of the concert, Fortnite will offer players opportunities to score free Astronomical loot on April 21, including outfits and emotes. The Astroworld Cyclone Glider and two loading screens can be accessed by attending any of the Astronomical events.

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