Lover by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is showing her fans exactly how she transformed into the titular man of "The Man" music video, even certain things she had to wear underneath her suit that she doesn't want to talk about but you can guess. "This is a family show," she jokes.

To make the look complete, makeup artist Bill Corso, who turned Swift into a zombie for "Look What You Made Me Do," decked out the Lover singer in prosthetic muscle suits. "I don't even want to talk to you [about] what else," she says. Though later, while filming the subway scene in which man-Swift has to man-spread and adjust his crotch, Swift says, "I don't know how to do this."

What proceeds is footage of the guys in the room teaching Swift how men adjust their junk in public spaces. You know, classy stuff. "I've never adjusted… my underpants like that," she says.

Swift also worked with movement coaches Stephen Galloway and Spenser Theberge to learn how to walk like a man because she "never thought about how men walk" before. Her extensive research continued by learning the proper technique to check out a woman, leading her to the chicken-or-the-egg equivalent of the modern bro: "You check out their boobs and then their butt? Butt and then boobs and then back to butt?"

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Lover by Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift's seventh studio album, and her first release under Republic Records.
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