By Rachel Yang
April 14, 2021 at 01:49 AM EDT

Taylor Swift just dropped her rerecorded Fearless album a few days ago, but fans think she's already setting up the release of a new version of her record 1989.

The star is known for dropping hints and Easter eggs teasing future projects, and amateur Swiftie detectives noticed some hidden references to her 2014 album in her Late Show appearance tonight.

In the segment, Swift denied that her song "Hey Stephen" from Fearless is about host Stephen Colbert, saying it was actually dedicated to Stephen King. During the bit, she specifically referenced 1989 and "Shake It Off," one of its singles.

But fans also picked up on some more obscure clues, like Swift mentioning New York ("Welcome to New York" is another 1989 track).

As part of a running joke about Swift being obsessed with Colbert, the singer recited his past work address (the street number was 513) and also said she reads his Wikipedia page. His birth date? May 13 (5/13). This had some of her fans speculating that she'll be dropping the first single from the rerecorded 1989 album or making an announcement about the project on that date this year.

These calculations and conclusions might seem like the work of a mad man, but Swift has left intricate clues before that have paid off, most recently with Fearless (Taylor's Version), so her fans could be onto something here. We also recently heard a snippet of the rerecorded version of "Wildest Dreams," a song from 1989, in the trailer for the film Spirit Untamed, which also helps build the speculation.

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