By Lauren Huff
February 12, 2021 at 02:05 AM EST

We were both young when Taylor Swift first released "Love Song," but here we are on a balcony in (winter) air listening to the updated version.

The new song, which has been dubbed "Love Story (Taylor's Version)," is the first peek at the singer's efforts to re-record, and therefore own, her first six records. During a Thursday appearance on Good Morning America, Swift revealed that in addition to "Love Story," she has re-recorded the rest of her second album, Fearless, which was first released in 2008. That forthcoming release — which the singer says is coming "soon," but a hidden message in the statement she shared on Twitter seems to reveal the date April 9 — will include 26 tracks, including six previously unreleased songs.

In an interview that aired on Good Morning America in November, Swift described the process of re-recording her old music as "a really amazing and fun adventure" that could "actually, possibly improve upon" some of her earlier songs.

"So far, of the ones I've recorded, I think it's been the most fun doing 'Love Story,'" Swift said. She added, "The older music, my voice was so teenaged and I sometimes, when I hear my older music and my older young teenage voice, it makes me feel like I'm a different singer now. And so, it's been the most fun to re-record ones that I feel like I could actually, possibly improve upon the song. That's been a really amazing and fun adventure."

"Love Story," a romantic country bop from the perspective of Romeo and Juliet's Juliet, was originally released as the lead single off Fearless. It was a massive hit for Swift, and would go on to be certified 8x platinum by the RIAA.

Listen to the new version above.

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