And he couldn't have done it without Kate Capshaw.

Marcus Mumford, lead singer of Mumford and Sons, revealed on social media over the weekend that he hired a first-time director for his latest music video. Well, a first-time music video director. You may have seen some of his more traditional films.

Yes, Steven Spielberg directed the stripped-back video for Mumford's "Cannibal," the lead single from his upcoming solo record, Self-Titled. Presented in stark black-and-white, the clip shows the solitary Mumford performing the track in a high school gym.

Steven Spielberg, Marcus Mumford
Credit: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images; Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

In an Instagram post, Mumford revealed that Spielberg shot the video using his phone and a rolling office chair. His wife, Kate Capshaw — credited as producer, art director, and dolly grip — can be seen pushing and pulling Spielberg as he films. Also noted is producer and behind-the-scenes videographer Kristie Macosko Krieger and actress Carey Mulligan, Mumford's wife, who he credits costuming and sound. See it below.

"On Sunday 3rd July in a high school gym in New York, Steven Spielberg directed his first music video, in one shot, on his phone," he says in the post. "Kate Capshaw was the almighty dolly grip. I've been overwhelmed by the support of the people around me to bring this music to you, and I cannot hope to express all of my gratitude. When people get it, it blows my mind. Kate and Steven just got it, and I cannot thank them enough. Thank you Kate. Thank you Kristie. Thank you Steven."

As Mumford notes, 'Cannibal' is the first time that Spielberg has ever shot a music video. He did, however, direct last year's Oscar-winning adaptation of the musical West Side Story.

"Cannibal" is out now, with his album set to release on Sept. 16. Spielberg's next project will be The Fablemans, an autobiographical film about a young filmmaker.

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