The singer also discussed his upcoming album and Netflix documentary with Jimmy Fallon.

Shawn Mendes was a wonder on The Tonight Show Tuesday evening.

As part one of what he calls The Wonder Residency, a series of performances from different theaters for his Wonder album, Mendes took the stage at the Palace Theater in New York City. There he performed and recorded a medley of the "Intro" and title track for his upcoming record.

The camera tracks the singer as he begins on the piano in a solitary room, down through the elevator, and onto the main stage where a full band awaited him.

Mendes also sat for a virtual interview with Fallon to discuss quarantining with girlfriend Camila Cabello, Wonder, and also his upcoming Netflix documentary.

The doc, In Wonder, will premiere on Netflix this Nov. 23. Music video director Grant Singer is at the helm with Mendes and the artist's manager Andrew Gertler executive producing.

"For me, the more vulnerable I find myself, I feel like it's very helpful for other people to feel in their story and in their life," Mendes said. "And I feel, in the documentary, it's an insanely vulnerable, insanely raw, insanely honest portrait of what it is to be me and what my life is about. I tried to touch on a lot of things and we tried our best not to edit anything out… We didn't want it to feel polished."

Watch the performance and interview in the videos above.

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