But her reaction delighted him anyway.
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Ryan Reynolds may be a devout member of the Lambily, but his recent TikTok performance of Mariah Carey's "Fantasy" didn't quite dazzle the pop diva.

Carey made her feelings known this week when she posted a TikTok of her own pairing her lip-sync of "Fantasy" with Reynolds' version.

Carey performs with heart, while Reynolds, in a nod to his new movie Free Guy (which prominently features "Fantasy"), doesn't do anything at the start of his rendition — he has the word "loading" blinking over his head, as his Free Guy character is a video game bot. But when the actor eventually bursts into his lip-sync, complete with a serious face and strong hand choreography, he gets the side-eye from Mimi.

"That wasn't part of the plan!" Carey wrote in her caption.

Reynolds responded on Twitter, writing, "My favorite thing that's ever happened on August 25th," and adding a link to the video. It's worth noting that Aug. 25 is his wife Blake Lively's birthday.

According to Reynolds, "Fantasy" helped inspire him as he worked on Free Guy (he's not just the star of the film, but also an executive producer).

"I got to speak with Mariah and talked to her a little bit about how much of an engine and an agent of progress that this song had been in terms of our creative process and the scripts," Reynolds told Variety. "She's just been awesome about it."

Turns out the fandom goes both ways: Carey and recently tweeted about watching Free Guy nine (?) times in a row.

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