One man band Ritt Momney has finally released a visual for his viral cover of Corinne Bailey Rae’s hit debut single “Put Your Records On.”

The music video follows a similar path that the original version set, with a young version of Ritt smelling flowers, and looking toward the future where the present day version of the artist seems to have found himself “some way, somehow.”

There is a turn though where the bridge gets trippier, and the clip itself becomes more psychedelic. That portion even includes Ritt donning a special eye makeup look done by influencer Ian Roley as a nod to the TikTok trend that helped make this cover popular.

Making it clear from the title that this was Rae's song first, quelling concerns the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter may be erased from the narrative as the song is reintroduced to younger audiences, Ritt is also donating a portion of the proceeds from the music video to a charity of Rae’s choice.

As part of the announcement of the music video, Ritt explains his motivation behind the cover and its visual, stating “In 2006, Corinne Bailey Rae released one of the greatest pop songs of all time with ‘Put Your Records On.’ It was one of my mom’s favorites. She’d blast it in the minivan on the way to soccer practice and we’d all sing. Fast forward to March 2020 when I got the idea to do a fun little cover of this song I’ve loved my whole life to combat some of the dreariness I was feeling. With this being my first real music video, I was really lucky to work with a bunch of professionals who were also around my age. They did a really good job capturing the essence of the cover, and I’m stoked that I got to work with Ian, the makeup artist who started the TikTok trend."

Watch the music video for Ritt Momney’s version of “Put Your Records On” above.

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