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Brian May landed in the hospital this week, but not because of anything coronavirus-related.

On Wednesday, the Queen guitarist and astrophysicist shared an Instagram from the hospital wearing a face mask revealing that he tore his butt muscles "to shreds" while gardening.

"The Virus didn’t get me yet - thank God," May, 72, wrote in the caption. "I managed to rip my Gluteus Maximus to shreds in a moment of over-enthusiastic gardening. So suddenly I find myself in a hospital getting scanned to find out exactly how much I’ve actually damaged myself. Turns out I did a thorough job - this is a couple of days ago - and I won’t be able to walk for a while ... or sleep, without a lot of assistance, because the pain is relentless."

May says that he needs "to go dark for a while, getting some complete rest, at home" due to his injury. "Please, please don’t send me sympathy - I just need some healing silence for a while," he says. "I’ll be back - but I need the complete break."

Along with the selfie, May also shared a video of him being rolled through the hospital. Check out his post below:

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