2007 deja vu is to be expected.

Warning: Listening to this song will result in intense dancing. Side effects include: headbanging, yelling along to the lyrics, and — in some extreme cases — playing air guitar.

Olivia Rodrigo released her new single "Good 4 U" on Thursday, and the pop-punk breakup anthem was an immediate banger. For a solid 12 hours, it was the best breakup anthem. Nothing else could come close. Fans and critics alike lauded the High School Musical: The Musical: The Series actor and rising music star for the song's similarities to early Paramore hit "Misery Business." It was a great 12 hours. Nothing to complain about, really. But we didn't know what we were missing... until now.

Olivia Rodrigo, Hayley Williams
Olivia Rodrigo Hayley Williams
| Credit: Interscope; Scott Gries/Getty Images

It only makes sense that a "Good 4 U" mash-up with Paramore's "Misery Business" would sound amazing, right? Well, we don't have to imagine it anymore. On Friday morning, musician Adam Wright uploaded a "Good 4 U"/"Misery Business" mash-up — and it absolutely slaps. The songs blend together seamlessly, with Rodrigo and Paramore lead singer Hayley Williams belting out the angry verses and layering their vocals perfectly. And with "Good 4 U" taking the perspective of the jilted ex-girlfriend, Rodrigo helps to reinvent and elevate the at-times problematic lyrics of "Misery Business" (you know exactly which lines we're talking about).

This mash-up sits at the flawless intersection of nostalgia and new, so what are you waiting for? Give your ears a treat and listen to the song below:

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