Kevin and Joe were there too!

He's a sucker for your Jonas Brothers T-shirt.

Nick Jonas made the day of an unsuspecting fan and her dog over the weekend, when he stuck his head out a car window to offer the Cleveland resident a compliment on her JoBros shirt.

"Hey! Nice shirt! @jonasbrothers," Jonas captioned an Instagram video showing him pulling over and saying hi to the nearly speechless fan, Margo Trumpower.

Trumpower may have been delightfully stunned, but she still managed to react quickly to the moment, whipping out her phone and grabbing a selfie with Nick.

The camera pans quickly, but as Nick films the moment, Kevin and Joe Jonas can be seen in the back seat. Before signing off, Nick also gives a little greeting to Trumpower's pooch, Sonny, whom he calls "cute."

Trumpower shared her version of the moment on Instagram as well, writing, "The Jonas Brothers told me they like my shirt."

According to an interview with, Trumpower got the shirt 15 years ago, at her first-ever concert. She said of her recent Jonas run-in, "It's so crazy to me. Not only was it Nick that posted it, and not me, but he has a video and a photo, and Joe was recording as well. It's so weird to me that they have me and Sonny in their phones, in their camera roll right now."

Nick's stop-and-pose comes just a couple weeks after Joe interrupted a spin class in Atlanta where the band's music was a major part of the playlist.

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