The five best songs we heard this week.
Friday Five
Credit: Tierra Whack/YouTube; Gwen Stefani/YouTube; Moses Robinson/Getty Images; Dave J Hogan/Getty Images; Lorne Thomson/Redferns

Every Friday, EW's music team runs down the five best songs of the week. In today's edition, Gwen Stefani and Saweetie snatch wigs, Queen Naija teams up with Ari Lennox, Aly and AJ are much more than just "Potential Breakup Song," Tierra Whack make a theme for the Clubhouse set, and Years & Years get "Starstruck."

"Slow Clap" — Gwen Stefani feat. Saweetie

There's a moment in the music video for Gwen Stefani's infectious "Slow Clap" remix when rising rapper Saweetie struts through a high school gym with a blond wig dangling from her hand. There's no narrative context (whomst is walking around without hair, and why did such a fate befall her?), but the visual's bright colors, funky fashion, and general swaggitude are a welcome aesthetic throwback to the campy absurdity that proved Stefani's solo power in the first place. She's also miles away from the earnestness of her (highly successful) country crossovers with fiancé Blake Shelton. By rekindling Rock Steady vibes, it feels less like Stefani playing catch up with trends than her effortlessly teaching the incoming class how it's done. —Joey Nolfi

"Set Him Up" — Queen Naija feat. Ari Lennox

Bless Queen Naija and Ari Lennox for filling the void left after we took "Same Girl" by Usher and [REDACTED] off our playlists. On "Set Him Up," the pair put the mellow in melodrama, slyly turning a lighthearted musical kiki into a productive strategy meeting for how they can realistically let their shared beau know he's caught. —Marcus Jones

"Symptom of Your Touch" — Aly & AJ

It's great people still stan "Potential Breakup Song," but don't sleep on Aly & AJ's new music. As they've gotten older, they've started producing more expansive soundscapes. The one they use on "Symptom of Your Touch" is light and dreamy, especially against the duo's melancholy lyrics. —M.J.

"Starstruck" — Years & Years

This pop-funk cut from British trio-turned-solo-project Years & Years was made for summer crushes. "There ain't no reason why I can't speak, think or stop staring at your glow," sings Olly Alexander over bright synths and bass slaps. "I wanna tell ya everything that's on my mind, baby." The sweet spot arrives in the bridge, as the beat drops out and we're left with Alexander's sugary harmonies. —Alex Suskind

"Link" — Tierra Whack

Finally, a theme song for those who stay on Clubhouse all day or have actually paid to use InMail. Philadelphia's Tierra Whack is once again effortless in how she incorporates vibrancy and a sense of humor into her work. Getting this amusing jingle stuck in one's head definitely makes reading any "come and build with me" DM an easier pill to swallow. —M.J.

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