The five best songs we heard this week.
Friday Five
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Every Friday, EW's music team runs down the five best songs of the week. In today's edition, a song that will make you blush redder than a tomato, Weezer go the orchestral route, Joey Bada$$ states his worth, Silk City return to the (virtual) dance floor, and two of Michigan's most inciting young rappers collaborate.

"Throat Baby (Remix)" — BRS Kash feat. DaBaby and City Girls

If Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's "WAP" made you blush, then this viral hit from the up-and-coming Atlanta rapper will give you full on rosacea. BRS Kash has copped to the song starting out as a joke, but that melody is just undeniable. While the original version came out about six months ago, it's steady rise has attracted DaBaby and City Girls, two of the biggest, boldest recent rap acts, to hop on it and be as nasty as they want to be. —Marcus Jones

"All My Favorite Songs" — Weezer

The news that Weezer had recruited a 38-piece orchestra to play on their forthcoming album felt like the latest in a long line of earnest gimmicks from the band; somewhere between "covering TLC's 'Waterfalls'" and "naming an album Raditude." The decision works on "All My Favorite Songs," the project's first single, as frontman Rivers Cuomo sings over bright strings and power-pop chords. Despite the maudlin lyrics — "Dreamy morning/Walkin' alone by myself/Thinkin' about life/And tryin' to find my way through hell" — the hook is classic Weezer: catchy, cathartic, and one anyone can sing along to. —Alex Suskind

"Let It Breathe" — Joey Bada$$

It's been almost a decade since Joey Bada$$ and his Pro Era crew provided an old-school, East Coast foil to the idol-killing mavericks in Odd Future. It's also been four years (a whole generation in hip-hop) since the Brooklyn rapper released his opus All-Amerikkkan Bada$$. But the 26-year-old MC's latest loosie is a reminder of his timelessness. Over a sumptuous jazz-rap beat adorned with sweeping chimes, Bada$$ demands that his listeners "celebrate me like I'm dead already" and reflects on what he's learned since he "gave the game a weddin' ring'' at just 17 years old. "But bein' humble was the worst mistake I ever made/Not knowin' my worth was the biggest price I ever paid," he raps with a stern confidence. At 10 years in, Bada$$ carries himself like a wise veteran, but on "Let It Breathe" he also sounds like he still has so much more to give. —Eli Enis

"New Love" — Silk City feat. Ellie Goulding

Mark Ronson and Diplo don't have the same enveloping hold on pop they once did, but the super-producers are still capable of dropping heat — particularly as a unit. The newest single from their house music off-shoot Silk City features Ellie Goulding singing righteous, clear-eyed observations over a drubbing bass line and filtered synth licks. —A.S.

"AHHHHH, Pt. 2" — YN Jay feat. Sada Baby 

YN Jay and Sada Baby are two of the most prolific voices from Michigan's fertile rap scene. Last year, the perpetually shirtless Sada Baby saturated YouTube with an endless stream of singles — one of which, "Whole Lotta Choppas," became an unlikely TikTok hit. Meanwhile, YN Jay has already dropped two mixtapes in 2021. "AHHHHH, Pt. 2" is from this week's Ninja Warrior, and it's the rap equivalent of a naive substitute teacher putting two class troublemakers in the same group. Over a distinctly Detroit beat, YN Jay raps lines like "I can tell she got some good c----- by the shape on her" with his signature flow. Though Sada Baby spends half of his verse grunting and groaning, when he does manage to choke out something intelligible, it's a guaranteed gut-buster: "Start a fight with one of my fans to test my hands/Whoop his ass, then autograph his baby mama pants." —E.E.

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