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Super Bowl 2023 halftime show review: Rihanna makes a slick, elevated, low-stakes return
While her tightly synchronized comeback offered no surprises (okay, maybe one), it did serve as a dazzling reminder why the pop star and beauty mogul has earned a victory lap.
KPOP review: Broadway's newest musical has Seoul, but not enough heart
The high-energy musical is filled with stellar performances, but its plot doesn't quite hit its mark.
Midnights review: Taylor Swift sleeps to dream in her moody, intimate return to pop
Despite the restless-slumber concept that drifts through its songs, a serene acceptance lurks beneath the singer's 10th studio album.
The Loneliest Time review: Carly Rae Jepsen's sixth album is a lovesick study of what makes humans tick
On her latest, the 'Call Me Maybe' singer flaunts a new self-reflective streak that opens the door for her to play with — and expand — her sound.
Renaissance review: Beyoncé's seventh solo album is a master class in the evolution of dance music
The singer's shape-shifting latest celebrates the escapist world of the club, whirling through genres and name-checking floor-fillers that have ruled discotheques and warehouses for decades.

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Humble Quest review: Maren Morris' impressive latest is far more ambitious than its title suggests

On her third studio album, the 14-time Grammy nominee effortlessly oscillates between haunting harmonies to whatever the female version of bro country is.