By Rosy Cordero
September 29, 2020 at 03:15 PM EDT

Morgan Freeman defines the word savage as ″fierce, beastly, and untamed″ in the first trailer for the upcoming 21 Savage album Savage Mode 2. Freeman serves as the narrator of the teaser in support of the Friday release that'll see the Grammy-winning rapper reunite with producer Metro Boomin.

21 Savage and Metro Boomin last collaborated on 2016's Savage Mode.

“Savage is defined as fierce, beastly, and untamed. Mode is defined as a way of operating or using a system," the Academy Award winner says in the trailer. "So to be in savage mode is to go hard, not allowing anything to stop or deter you from your mission. Basically, this means when someone’s in savage mode, they are not to be f—ed with.”

Savage Mode 2 is the Atlanta native's follow-up to I Am > I Was released in 2018 that was met with high praise from critics and fans alike.

Freeman's long list of narrating credits also includes March to the Penguins, Slavery and the Making of America, Cosmic Voyage, Breaking Taboo, and National Geographic's The Story of God with Morgan Freeman.

Watch the trailer, directed by Gibson Hazard, in full above.

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