Miley Cyrus
Credit: Miley Cyrus/YouTube

When Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa team up for a road-trip-inspired music video, you might expect it to be pretty sexy. But it also turns out to be pretty bloody. Or is that cherry juice?

The two pop queens have joined forces for the highly anticipated collaboration "Prisoner," a gritty, retro single off Cyrus' new album Plastic Hearts (out Nov. 27). "Prisoner" was released Thursday along with the music video, which was directed by Cyrus and Alana O'Herlihy.

The video starts off with an almost Rocky Horror vibe, featuring Cyrus' mouth singing with her signature smirk before she gets behind the wheel of a tour bus with Dua Lipa. The two then vamp it up and party in the back of the bus like an '80s rock band, complete with outfit changes.

It isn't long before Cyrus dumps a jar of maraschino cherries down her face, making it look like she's covered in blood. And that's when she and Dua Lipa start grinding on and licking each other's bodies in a way that'll remind you of the pre-pandemic, non-social-distancing days. The new 'ship of Cyrus and Dua Lipa has officially set sail! The video ends with the duo performing an equally sexy concert in front of adoring fans before a message pops up on screen: "In loving memory of all my exes, eat s---."

Check out the music video for "Prisoner" above.

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