Despite his many experiences and achievements, the singer said that "he just didn't enjoy the process."

Rolling Stones
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Quarantine may have afforded Mick Jagger the time to write and learn new skills but don't expect him to have that long-overdue memoir finished anytime soon. (Or possibly ever.) While promoting his new single on BCC 6 Music News, Jagger opened up to host Matt Everitt about the memoir that he technically started writing years ago.

"When I started, I was in the 80's. I was offered a lot of money and the money was the seductive part," Jagger explained. "And when I started to actually get into it, I really didn't enjoy it. And what I didn't enjoy was reliving my life -- the detriment of living in the now."

Jagger called the process of going down memory lane "dull and upsetting," telling Everitt, "if you want to write an autobiography, this is not a process you can just do in a week. It takes a lot out of you. It takes reliving emotions, reliving friendships, reliving ups and downs...and I must say that it wasn't the most enjoyable experience. And there wasn't that many highs out of it."

Ultimately, Jagger gave the money back, claiming he couldn't do it. "I think I said something like I couldn't remember anything," the Rolling Stones singer continued. 'It really wasn't that. It was I just didn't enjoy the process."

Though world may never read Mick Jagger's life through the eyes and experiences of Mick Jagger, they can look forward to new music. Jagger collaborated with Foo Fighter's Dave Grohl on a surprise single that debuted on YouTube April 13th called "Easy Sleazy." In the song, which details pretty much all the events of 2020 including COVID and conspiracy theories, Grohl provided drums, guitar and bass to compliment Jagger's guitar and vocals. Jagger told Everitt he decided to work with Grohl, who he'd met a number of times over the years, because of his similar style.

"He's kind of really rocky and has lots of energy, which I like," said Jagger.

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