The crooner posted a video in which he looked positively ecstatic with his 2-year old daughter Vida's taste.

Everyone loves the Avengers... even Michael Bublé's daughter. In an adorable video that Bublé posted on Instagram, the Canadian singer-songwriter asks his 2-year-old daughter Vida if she likes princesses.

"No!" Vida replies harshly. When Bublé follows up asking what she does like, Vida starts to cry as she says, "I like Marvel."

"You like Marvel? Like the superheroes?" Bublé asks, just to make sure.

"Yeah!" Vida responds. Bublé, meanwhile, looks absolutely thrilled at his daughter's taste.

"I should have seen it coming... Her first words were "I AM INEVITABLE!" he captioned the video, jokingly referring to one of Thanos' signature lines in Avengers: Endgame.

Along with Vida, Bublé is a father to 5-year-old Elias and 7-year-old Noah with wife Luisana Lopilato. The two recently celebrated a decade of marriage in April, with Buble marking the occasion in an Instagram post.

After Vida was born in 2019, Bublé opened up about the possibility of having more children while promoting his musical special – and as much as he'd love to add more superhero-loving kids to the mix, it all depends on his wife.

"My wife is the boss. It's her body and she does most of the work, honestly. I think I'm a good hands-on dad, but I still don't think I come close to doing the work she does," Bublé told People in an exclusive interview a few years ago. "That's not me being politically correct — I don't have a clue. If my wife decides, then she decides. I do what she wants."

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