Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land arrives June 11

Credit: Marina/Twitter

Marina is back with a new album that's sweeter than the "Froot" dangling from "Orange Trees."

The Welsh pop star unveiled Wednesday the title, cover art, track list, and release date for her next album Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land, which will feature 10 new songs when it drops on June 11.

Marina also dropped the music video for the album's second single, "Purge the Poison," in which she struts about in front of a black backdrop while wearing colorful, glistening getups. The song itself serves as a clear callback to the sounds of her debut studio album The Family Jewels, complete with theatrical vocal riffs and hard-rocking strings.

Fans quickly ate up the 35-year-old's news, with users tweeting about their obsession with the artwork as they speculated about the contents of the LP's songs.

"Goodbye better not be what i think it is miss diamandis," one user wrote, referencing the final tune on the list that many have feared (without evidence) might be a kiss-off to the music industry, as Marina previously opened up about previously considering an exit from the music industry during her 2019 Love + Fear album cycle.

"I remember thinking, oh sh—, this doesn't feel the same. Perhaps the negative reasons of wanting praise and wanting acceptance disappeared. I didn't need it anymore. But, as an artist, that freaked me out. Why am I doing this, then, if I'm not doing it from a place of ego? Does that mean I'm not going to be a good artist anymore? I just thought, I've done three albums, and that's enough," she told EW at the time, adding that a dark cloud of apathy crept into her consciousness during her 2017 Glastonbury set.

But, she eventually found her footing once again through a period of artistic experimentation and emotional introspection in the years after: "I faced my own fear," she explained. "Accepting and addressing that uncertainty is part of the beauty of living; you can't have love without pain and vice versa."

Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land is out June 11. See the official track list (and more fan reactions) below.

  1. "Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land"
  2. "Venus Fly Trap"
  3. "Man's World"
  4. "Purge the Poison"
  5. "Highly Emotional People"
  6. "New America"
  7. "Pandora's Box"
  8. "I Love You But I Love Me More"
  9. "Flowers"
  10. "Goodbye"

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