By Clark Collis
July 06, 2020 at 10:27 AM EDT
Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Mandy Moore has responded to ex-husband Ryan Adams writing an essay for The Daily Mail in which he apologizes for his "mistreatment" of people. Asked on Monday by Today anchor Hoda Kotb if Moore believes the disgraced singer-songwriter has "changed," the This is Us actress replied, "It's challenging because I feel like in many ways I've said all I want to say about him and that situation, but I find it curious that someone would make a public apology, but not do it privately. I am speaking for myself but I have not heard from him, and I am not looking for an apology necessarily, but I do find it curious that someone would do an interview about it without actually making amends privately."

In a New York Times article published in February 2019, Adams was accused of being manipulative and controlling by seven women, including Moore. At the time, Adams denied the claims. In the article for the Daily Mail, which was published on Friday, Adams apologized to those he had hurt and said had fought to get sober with professional help.

"There are no words to express how bad I feel about the ways I've mistreated people throughout my life and career," he wrote. "All I can say is that I'm sorry. It's that simple. This period of isolation and reflection made me realize that I needed to make significant changes in my life. I've gotten past the point where I would be apologizing just for the sake of being let off the hook and I know full well that any apology from me probably won't be accepted by those I've hurt. I get that and I also understand that there's no going back. To a lot of people this will just seem like the same empty bulls--- apology that I've always used when I was called out, and all I can say is, this time it is different."

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