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Celebrities have managed to keep the creative juices flowing in a variety of ways while we are all under quarantine. They're doing concerts from their house, figuring out fun ways to convince people to stay inside, or contributing to cursed karaoke videos.

While cynics may claim this post Madonna made on Friday as the latter, her new version of "Vogue" does speak to the special times.


See, instead of the classic lyrics "Come on Vogue, let your body move to the music (move to the music)," the popstar has reworked her hit song to better reflect quarantine life by singing "Come on go, let's go eat some fried fish (fried fish)."

And why is she all of the sudden making a call for fried fish? "Because there's no more pasta, oh no," the Italian American icon laments. A relatable queen!

Using a hairbrush as a microphone while she's hits some choreography in her bathroom, the video peaks when Madonna slips into the original song while doing a spin.

For all the people who had tickets to the Madame X shows that got canceled due to coronavirus concerns, let Madonna's new video be a small taste of the intimacy the tour provided.

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