Lizzo's Halloween costume is good as hell for the second year in a row.
Lizzo Mike Pence
Credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images; ERIC BARADAT/AFP via Getty Images

Lizzo's 2020 Halloween costume is sure to garner some buzz. (We're so sorry.)

The "Truth Hurts" singer dressed as the already-iconic fly that landed on Vice President Mike Pence's head during this month's vice presidential debate. Unveiling the costume on Instagram, Lizzo proclaimed, "FLYYYYY AF !"

The musician also shared a couple of homemade videos showing herself, as the fly, twerking on the VP's head. "I voted for Biden," she captioned one of them. She also urged her fans to do the same in an Instagram video earlier this week.

The fly perched on Pence's head for two solid minutes during the debate, becoming the world's most famous insect in the process. The moment became viral immediately, spawning memes, parody Twitter accounts, and of course, a re-creation on Saturday Night Live. The VP later addressed the moment, saying he was unaware of the fly's presence and his children told him about it after the debate.

"They all told me, 'Dad, you did okay,' but they did tell me about the fly," Pence said on Fox News' The Daily Briefing. "It was a good laugh for all of us."

His opponent in the debate, Senator Kamala Harris, also addressed the incident, speaking to Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. "I think that it's important that we find a way to move on and, you know, fly away from this subject onto something else," Harris quipped when Maddow asked about it.

Incidentally, this is the second year in a row Lizzo's Halloween costume has been good as hell. In 2019, the rapper dressed as a DNA test inspired by her song "Truth Hurts," complete with a jumpsuit reading "100% that bitch." We're still waiting on a Minnesota Viking costume, though.

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