Lizzo may have started the rumor that she's pregnant with Chris Evans' baby for her own amusement but now, fans are invested.

TikTok user @maryscartoons shared a video that showed what a union between the singer and Avengers actor could hypothetically look like, basing the result off of merging the celebrities' features together in a digital drawing.

"Mixing Lizzo and Chris Evans to see what their kid would look like," says the narration accompanying the video, set to Lizzo's new single "Rumors" which she performs with Cardi B.

The Grammy winner found the video and reposted it to her own TikTok account, adding "WAIT A DAMN MIN."

A few weeks ago, Lizzo sent the Internet into a spiral when she joked that Evans was the father of her child. "We're gonna have a little America," she said in her "pregnancy announcement," a TikTok video set to theme music from Captain America: The First Avenger. Ever the amused gentleman, Evans responded to the mother of his fictional child and Lizzo posted the a screenshot of the Twitter DM along with her joy.

Lizzo; Chris Evans
Lizzo and Chris Evans
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Lizzo's Captain America "obsession" kicked off earlier this year when the singer accidentally sent Evans a drunk direct message. Since then, the two have had fun bantering (and apparently writing each other) on social media, showing off their good-natured relationship.

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