"What I won't accept is y'all doing this to Black women over and over and over again, especially us big Black girls," Lizzo said during an emotional Instagram Live.

Lizzo is calling out those who have nasty things to say about her, and she's got Cardi B, Octavia Spencer, and more fully behind her.

After dropping her new song "Rumors" featuring Cardi, Lizzo went on Instagram Live Sunday to address the negativity coming toward her.

In the emotional video, the singer said no matter how much "positive energy you put into the world, you're still gonna have people who have something mean to say about you."

While Lizzo said she accepts that reality for the most part and can't control if people like her music, she did call out people hating her for how she looks and unfairly targeting Black women.

"It's fatphobic, it's racist, and it's hurtful," she said.

"What I won't accept is y'all doing this to Black women over and over and over again, especially us big Black girls," she continued. "When we don't fit into the box that you want to put us in, you just unleash hatred onto us. It's not cool. I'm doing this s--- for the big Black women in the future who just want to live their lives without being scrutinized or put into boxes."

Earlier in the live, Lizzo stated she wasn't "making music for white people."

"I'm not making music for anybody. I'm a Black woman making music," she explained. "I make Black music, period. I'm not serving anyone but myself. Everyone is invited to a Lizzo show, to a Lizzo song."

The artist also took to Twitter on Sunday to talk about how difficult self-love is.

"Loving yourself in a world that don't love u back takes an incredible amount of self awareness & a bulls--- detector that can see through ass backwards societal standards," she wrote. "if u managed to love yourself today I'm proud of u. If u haven't, I'm still proud of u. This s---s hard"

Cardi posted extensively in support of Lizzo this weekend and responded to her fellow performer and Hustlers star's IG Live.

"When you stand up for yourself they claim your problematic & sensitive," the rapper tweeted. "When you don't they tear you apart until you crying like this. Whether you skinny, big, plastic, they going to always try to put their insecurities on you. Remember these are nerds looking at the popular table."

She also slammed haters for body shaming and using racist words to describe Lizzo.

Fans have posted some of their favorite photos and performances from Lizzo to counteract the hate, and celebrities like Chlöe Bailey, Jameela Jamil, and Octavia Spencer have also spoken out and shown her love.

The Chloe x Halle singer tweeted: "i'm so proud of you @lizzo people are gonna talk, but you have power in your voice. thank you for inspiring me."

"Lizzo makes a song about people spending energy trying to bring women down," the Good Place actress wrote. "Twitter erupts in abuse about her talent and mostly her appearance, and then she cries on IG live while addressing how damaging this culture is, and she gets made fun of for crying. This is so f---ed up."

"@lizzo you're loved everyday," Spencer said. "Never seek approval from the world because there will always be those waiting to tear you down. Self love is foundational and only you can build it. #StayStrongBaby"

Lizzo shared some of that love on her own social media and seemed to be back in good spirits, judging by her Instagram post later on Sunday.

"Sometimes I get sad… and then I—" read the caption to her video, which showed her smiling big and laughing (with her Grammys behind her, no less!).

Lizzo and Cardi B dropped their single Thursday night, and it came with a fantastical ancient Greece-inspired music video. "Rumors" is the singer's first step toward a big comeback, after the "Truth Hurts" hitmaker took a hiatus following her breakout in 2019. She'll embark on a whirlwind of performances starting September, first with Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival — where she'll be the first woman to ever headline the fest. Then she'll take the stage at Global Citizen Live and Firefly Music Festival later that month, and Outside Lands in October.

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