It's just one of those days…

Anyone got some stuff Fred Durst can break?

The Limp Bizkit frontman probably could have used a chance to blow off some steam after he lost an eBay auction for an unauthorized Fred Durst action figure.

Durst revealed the disappointing outcome on his Instagram story Monday night, posting a screenshot of the doll someone created based on his latest stage look (grandad-style Fred) and posted for sale on the auction website. The nu-metal singer put in a max bid of $415, but it wasn't enough.

Limp Bizkit
Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst at Lollapalooza 2021
| Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

In fact, the Durst doll went for a whopping — are you sitting down? — $680, plus almost $10 in shipping fees.

"I lost the auction on this illegal toy," Durst wrote alongside a screenshot of the auction.

It appears, though, that missing out on the nearly $700 Fred Durst doll didn't bother the frontman too much, and he was able to keep rollin'. "Things are good," he added.

Fred Durst
Credit: Fred Durst/Instagram

Limp Bizkit recently returned to the stage for some dates — with Durst's new look being much talked about at Lollapalooza — but they've since had to cancel their summer tour due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Out of an abundance of caution and concern for the safety of the band, crew and most of all the fans, the Limp Bizkit show this Monday and the remaining August tour is being cancelled," the band said in a statement.

Durst told Billboard the "system is still very flawed." He added, "Even if the performers, crews, staff, and promoters do their best to ensure safety on and behind the stage, that doesn't ensure the safety of the audience as a whole. We are all in this together, and we all — individually and as a whole — have to make our best efforts to be as responsible and proactive as possible moving forward to combat and stop spreading COVID."

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