The hotly anticipated Montero album release came with a music video for 'That's What I Want.'

Lil Nas X as a sexy cowboy getting hot and heavy with his boyfriend while camping in the hills? To quote one of his new Montero songs, "That what I f---ing want!"

The chart-topping singer-rapper unleashed his music video for "That's What I Want" as part of the big album drop for Montero, which turned out to be an entire visual album.

"That's What I Want," the song teased in the performer's Montero teaser videos up until now, opens with Lil Nas X landing like a falling star onto a football field, wearing an "Industry Baby" pink football uniform. He's carted off the field only to have a secret tryst with one of his fellow players in the locker room.

And by tryst, we really mean they have an intense makeout sessions followed by Lil Nas X ripping open a Durex condom with his mouth and going to town in the showers.

The video then switches up the setting to a more Brokeback Mountain feel, where Lil Nas X is serenading his lover by a campfire in a cowboy hat. Things get even more steamy once the action moves inside their tent.

In true tragic Brokeback Mountain style, Lil Nas X goes to his love's house only to face the reality that he's married with a child. So, the singer goes to the altar alone in a white wedding dress, officiated by none other than Pose Emmy winner Billy Porter, who hands him a guitar to jam through his feelings.

"I want someone to love me/ I need someone who needs me," he sings. "'Cause it don't feel right when it's late at night and it's just me in my dreams/ So, I want someone to love/ That's what I f---ing want."

Watch the video above.

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