The "Industry Baby" hip-hop star still reigns supreme on social media.

Lil Nas X reprised a past Twitter gag he played on Drake fans to playfully spoof the rapper's latest album cover this week.

Drake announced on Monday that Certified Lover Boy will be dropping this Friday. He confirmed the news by posting a series of emojis depicting pregnant women of all different races. The implication, if one were to extrapolate, is that these jams are going to be so hot that they'll get you pregnant.

TIDAL's Chief Content Officer Elliott Wilson confirmed this to be the official album art.

Then, Drake got Lil Nas-ed, which is the equivalent of getting Weird Al-ed but a lot more internet saavy.

Lil Nas X replicated the album art by posting a bunch of emoji-fied pregnant men and shouting out again that his Montero album will be coming Sep. 17. Drake's new music may be hot, but Montero will be hot enough to get men preggers... we're guessing.

This is something Lil Nas X has done before. In 2019, the rapper and singer took to Twitter and jokingly shared an image that was very similar to Drake's Nothing Was the Same album art from 2013.

"i've decide [sic] to title the album 'nothing was the same' here's the artwork my team and i worked very hard on," Lil Nas X tweeted at the time.

Drake fans swarmed the post to explain the similarities, but by then it was already too late. Lil Nas X had the last laugh. We'll see if they fall for it again with this new spoof.

Lil Nas X has been flaunting his mastery of social media wit in promoting Montero, which will feature previously released singles "Montero (Call Me by Your Name)," "Industry Baby," and "Sun Goes Down."

A recent teaser video featured a Lil Nas X pop news anchor persona declaring the performer to be a "power bottom" fugitive following the drop of his prison-break music video for "Industry Baby." The tease also previewed a new song in which Lil Nas X sings, "I want someone to love me/ I need someone who needs/ 'Cause it don't feel right when it's late at night and it's just me in my dreams."

He's also been dropping various spoofs to promote Montero, including his reimagining of the Marvel Cinematic Universe opening title sequence. Consider this pregnant man art part of the Lil Nas X cinematic universe.

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