Problematic for some, the 'Summertime Sadness' singer has a very loyal fan base.

By Tyler Aquilina
February 19, 2021 at 01:51 PM EST

So you're a Lana Del Rey stan who'd like to proclaim your support in the wake of her recent controversial statements? Good news! You can do so in one — or at most, two or three — easy steps.

A group of passionate Del Rey supporters has arisen on the social media platform TikTok, proclaiming themselves the "Lana Cult" and defending the "Summertime Sadness" songstress after she sparked controversy in recent months.

How do you join this cult, you ask?

1. First, download and join TikTok if you haven't already.
2. Then, change your profile picture to a designated image of Del Rey smiling in front of an exploding car.
3. Then — and this part isn't strictly required — share a post declaring your love and/or support for Del Rey.

It's that easy!

But if you're confused about why you would need to defend the musician, here's a little refresher: In May 2020, Del Rey attacked critics who she claimed said her music was "glamorizing abuse," writing on Instagram, "Now that Doja Cat, Ariana, Camila, Cardi BKehlani and Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé have had number ones with songs about being sexy, wearing no clothes, f----ing, cheating etc. — can I please go back to singing about being embodied, feeling beautiful by being in love even if the relationship is not perfect, or dancing for money — or whatever I want — without being crucified [for] saying that I'm glamorizing abuse??????"

Those comments were sharply criticized on social media, with users accusing her of attacking women of color. Del Rey responded to the backlash shortly thereafter, writing that she was "talking about my favorite singers." In a followup post, she added, "Making it about race says so much more about you than it does about me."

In June, Del Rey again drew criticism — from Kehlani and Tinashe, among others — for posting videos that showed looting and revealed demonstrators' faces at protests against police brutality. The posts were later deleted.

Then, in January, Del Rey landed in hot water over comments regarding the cover of her upcoming album Chemtrails Over the Country Club. In a since-deleted comment on Instagram, the singer wrote, "I have always been extremely inclusive without even trying to. My best friends are rappers, my boyfriends have been rappers. My dearest friends have been from all over the place, so before you make comments again about a WOC/POC issue, I'm not the one storming the capital, I'm literally changing the world by putting my life and thoughts and love out there 24 seven."

Many commenters took issue with the statement, especially that Del Rey musician seemingly associated rappers with people of color.

"comes off angry also, she equated rappers to black people which was ......racist," one user tweeted in response

Chemtrails Over the Country Club is set to be released March 19, according to its Apple Music listing.

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