Gaga drops '80s-style pop anthem and its colorful music video ahead of LG6 album release.

That rah rah chick has returned.

Oscar-winning pop icon Lady Gaga dropped her first solo pop single in three years Friday morning, reviving her beloved weird-chic aesthetic and channeling her classic dance-pop roots on the mammoth club banger "Stupid Love" and its accompanying visual.

Directed by frequent Sia collaborator Daniel Askill ("Chandelier") and shot entirely on an iPhone, the "Stupid Love" music video follows Gaga as the leader of various factions on a planet called Chromatica, where inhabitants are seemingly divided into different groups represented by the colors of the rainbow, with the "Kindness Punks" fighting to keep the planet in order, while the "Spiritual Ones" pray for peace and Gaga unites the warring groups with her (intense) choreography.

"You’re the one that I’ve been waiting for. Gotta quit this crying. Nobody’s gonna heal me if I don’t open the door," Gaga sings at the top of the song before the high-energy bridge ("Freak out, freak out, freak out!" she shouts) connects to the chorus, which sees her begging for "stupid love."

Sonically, the new song — which lands as the first official preview of her anticipated sixth studio album — harkens back to Gaga's Born This Way era, as the 33-year-old lets her powerhouse vocals soar over glistening production from longtime collaborators BloodPop (Joanne) and French DJ Tchami ("Applause," "Do What U Want"). The tune marks a noticeable turning point for the singer after she fronted a predominantly rock-inspired detour from her signature pop sounds across her last studio album, 2016's Joanne, and the soundtrack to 2018's blockbuster movie A Star Is Born, in which she appeared opposite Bradley Cooper and later won the Best Original Song Academy Award for penning the film's soundtrack smash "Shallow."

While the name of Gaga's LG6 album has yet to be announced, the teaser image for “Stupid Love” (released Tuesday) references the word “Chromatica,” which fans have since speculated is the title of the forthcoming release.

A prior version of "Stupid Love" leaked online in January, after Gaga shared a photo of herself carving Halloween pumpkins that appeared to show her iPod playing a song with a similar title in the corner of the frame. Gaga eventually responded to the leak by tweeting an image of a young girl wearing headphones and a ski mask with the caption "can y'all stop."

Listen to the final version of "Stupid Love" in full above.

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