Gaga goes down a Chromatica rabbit hole with a callback to 'Born This Way' in the new Queendom video.

By Joey Nolfi
April 06, 2021 at 12:44 PM EDT


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After a months-long dry spell, Lady Gaga is raining more Chromatica excellence (with a boozy twist) onto her fans with a nod to one of her most successful eras.

The Oscar winner unveiled Tuesday the latest video tied to her sixth studio album, dubbed The Queendom and billed as a "fashion film" collaboration with prestige champagne brand Dom Pérignon that's set to Chromatica track "Free Woman."

Gaga begins the clip with a minor callback to her "Born This Way" music video, as she holds an orb containing another Gaga dancing in a pink gown (which appears to be a subtle reference to the opening of the 10-year-old tune's accompanying visual). She goes further down a fantastical rabbit hole while carrying a giant champagne bottle, dancing in impossibly restrictive clothing before joining a group of others for a toast of the pink liquid.

The Queendom, made in support of Gaga's mental health organization, the Born This Way Foundation, marks the latest in a long line of work between Gaga and photographer Nick Knight and creative director Nicola Formichetti. The British photographer directed Gaga's "Born This Way" music video back in 2011, and shot its parent album's accompanying artwork before re-teaming with the singer-songwriter to design her Fame perfume bottle in 2012 and helm her "I Want Your Love" fashion campaign video for fashion designer Tom Ford.

"The Queendom around my collaboration with [Dom Pérignon] is an expression of the liberating power of creative freedom," Gaga said of the project on Instagram roughly two months after she dropped another edible endeavor — Chromatica Oreos — in January.

Gaga preceded The Queendom with three prior music videos from Chromatica, including "Stupid Love," the Grammy-winning Ariana Grande duet "Rain on Me," and "911."

Chromatica producer BloodPop told EW in June 2020 that, though the album was technically completed, Gaga and producers were mulling a potential continuation of the era.

Dom Pérignon and Lady Gaga

"We worked with SOPHIE very early on. [She was] the first collaborator of those sessions. Those days were fun," he said, referencing contributions to the album sessions by the Scottish electronic musician, who died in January. "We set up six microphones and recorded [Gaga's] Lamborghini exhaust, and SOPHIE cut it up into samples. [Though they didn't make the album], we still plan to finish those songs and present something special within the Chromatica universe."

BloodPop further stoked fan anticipation for more new Chromatica tunes when, over the weekend, he asked his Twitter followers to suggest artists they'd like to see on a remix album.

Watch Gaga's Chromatica fashion film with Knight and Dom Pérignon above, and check out EW's deep dive into the creation of the Grammy-winning album.

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