Gaga unveils 16-track album's inspiration in new interview.


Prepare to blast off past "Venus" and into the celestial realm of Chromatica.

Lady Gaga has announced the title and release date for her upcoming sixth solo album, which will contain 16 tracks when it drops on April 10.

Chromatica became available for preorder on digital services Monday, complete with temporary cover art ("we made it for you to enjoy in the meantime," Gaga tweeted), three days after Gaga unveiled the album's lead single, "Stupid Love," and its accompanying music video.

The "Stupid Love" video's narrative follows Gaga as the leader of various factions in a world called Chromatica, where inhabitants are divided into groups represented by various colors, with the pink-bearing "Kindness Punks" battling to keep society in order.

In an extended version of last week's interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music, Gaga elaborated on the album's inspiration, explaining that the titular region incorporates a "sine wave" that contains the mathematical symbol for sound, which is what "healed" her throughout her life.

"It's about healing and it's about bravery as well," the 33-year-old Oscar-winner said. “I think what I've learned is that I can view the world in whatever way I choose to see it, and it, it doesn't mean that I'm deleting the bad things, it just means that I can reframe my life experiences and reframe also the way that the world frames life experiences to a way that I love and believe in, and that's, that is Chromatica... I went into my frame, I found earth, I deleted it. Earth is canceled. I live on Chromatica.”

Gaga went on to credit her producing partner, BloodPop (who worked on "Stupid Love" alongside Tchami, "Shallow" producer Benjamin Rice, and superstar hitmaker Max Martin), with giving her the idea for the album title, which also signifies musical notes on the chromatic scale and the inclusivity of all sounds and colors. She further explained that existing in a chromatic state is "a frame of mind" that has informed all of her creative output in the past.

"We're definitely dancing," Gaga previously told Lowe of the album on Friday. "I put all of my heart, all my pain, all of my messages from the other realm and what they tell me to tell the world, I put it into music that I believe to be so fun and, energetically, really pure. I want people to dance and feel really happy. Someone asked me the other day what my goal was with this album... I said, 'I'd like to put out music that a big chunk of the world will hear and it will become a part of their daily lives and make them happy every single day.'"

Chromatica drops April 10. Listen to Gaga's interview with Lowe — and click here to watch the "Stupid Love"music video.

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