Can you taste the pop excellence?

One day before it was originally set to release, Lady Gaga and Korean girl group BLACKPINK surprise-dropped their new song "Sour Candy," and it's a mouthwatering serve of mammoth dance beats.

The epic collaboration kicks off with a sledgehammering house beat as various members of the K-Pop collective bounce a series of sassy verses — both in English and Korean ("I'm sour candy, so sweet then I get a little angry" and "I'm super psycho, make it crazy when they turn the lights now") — off each other before Gaga hits us with the chorus: "I'm hard on the outside, but if you give me time, then I could make time for your love. I'm hard on the outside, but if you see inside."

Gaga then switches up her tone and speak-raps the post-chorus verses, asserting "I might be messed up, but I know what's up. You want a real taste? At least I'm not a fake. Come unwrap me."

According to the tune's Spotify credits, "Sour Candy" was co-written by Korean rapper Teddy Park, Madison Emiko Love, Rami Yacoub, and the track's producers, BloodPop and BURNS. The promotional single marks BLACKPINK's first official single (promo or otherwise) since the four-member group dropped "Kill This Love" in April 2019.

In addition to BLACKPINK, Chromatica also contains a collaboration with Elton John called "Sine From Above" as well as "Rain on Me," a duet with Ariana Grande that serves as the album's second official single (after February's "Stupid Love").

Chromatica is out in full on Friday. Listen to "Sour Candy" above.

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