The singer posted her reaction to Jenner's cover of her breakout hit on her TikTok account.

By Marcus Jones
April 07, 2021 at 02:04 PM EDT

Kesha may speak for all of us after she reacted to Caitlyn Jenner singing her song "Tik Tok" by hiding her face under her sequined garment.

On Tuesday, the pop star shared her reaction to the Olympian's short-lived appearance on The Masked Singer last month in the form of a TikTok duet captioned "feeling like P Diddy... I think?"

While @kaylum_sharp, the TikTok user Kesha dueted with, already made a meme of the performance that got Jenner eliminated from the Fox reality competition, adding a banner onto it that says "Debbie from accounts lets loose at the office party," Kesha revealed her own notes.

Starting off positive before adding in any criticism, she wrote: "Live for a cover and live for this outfit…. But I mean I have to go…." All of this as she ducks for cover with every music note the former reality star struggles to hit.

Jenner was unmasked during the second episode of the show's fifth season on March 17 and later told EW after her elimination that tanking Kesha's breakout hit was her biggest surprise about doing the show. "I thought I would get it down better than that. I had practiced it so much," she explains. "'TiK ToK' is tough, I mean, timing wise. And it really wasn't the right pitch for me or anything about it. It was difficult to do."

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