Pokémon-themed music video follows Perry and Pikachu in their earlier forms in celebration of the video game franchise's 25-year anniversary.

Thanks to Katy Perry, Pikachu is officially one of the Main Pop Girls™.

The American Idol judge and superstar singer unveiled Friday her long-teased collaboration with the Pokémon franchise: An adorable music video for the new song "Electric," released in celebration of the video game series' 25-year anniversary.

Perry spends the visual palling around with Pikachu as they look back on early versions of themselves: Perry and Pikachu watch as a young Perry struggles to sing for a crowd, while Pichu (the Pokémon species that eventually evolves into Pikachu) encourages her from the sidelines.

"WARNING: Video may awaken powers that are SHOCKING," Perry tweeted of the song's release. On Thursday, she explained the video's concept, confirming that the narrative follows her and Pikachu "back to when we were Katheryn Hudson and Pichu."

On Thursday, Perry also announced that she would headline her first Las Vegas residency show, Play, in December at the city's Resorts World hotel and casino.

Prior to "Electric," Perry last released new music as part of her 2020 album Smile, which debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard 200 after producing the hit single "Never Really Over" — the 36-year-old's only top 20 hit in the United States since 2017.

Watch the "Electric" music video above.

Katy Perry and Pikachu - Electric
Katy Perry and Pikachu pal around in the new 'Electric' music video.
| Credit: Katy Perry/YouTube

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