By Tyler Aquilina
December 26, 2020 at 01:18 PM EST
Credit: Rich Fury/Getty Images

Kanye West has once again delivered a Christmas gift to his fans.

The rapper's Sunday Service Choir released a surprise new EP titled Emmanuel on Christmas Day, following the group's previous holiday release Jesus Is Born, which dropped on Christmas Day 2019. The 12-minute, five-track EP consists entirely of seemingly a capella choral arrangements, mostly in Latin. West is credited as the sole writer and producer on all of the songs.

It's yet another change of pace for the troubled hip-hop star, who pivoted into full-on Christian music with his latest album Jesus Is King after forming the Sunday Service group in 2019. Jesus Is Born followed in that vein with an ebullient gospel sound, contrasting with Emmanuel's more hymnal approach. Earlier this year, West released the singles "Wash Us in the Blood" and "Nah Nah Nah," returning to more of a hip-hop style.

West recently ended his 2020 presidential bid in defeat, drawing about 60,000 votes nationwide. He is reportedly at work on his next album, titled Donda after his late mother. As West's fans know, however, that is very much subject to change.

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