The SNL star has been dating Ye's ex Kim Kardashian.

It seems that Kanye West still isn't over his ex Kim Kardashian's budding relationship with Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson.

On Wednesday the 44-year-old rapper, who recently changed his legal name to Ye, shared the music video for "Eazy," his new song with the Game, and it appears to feature an unsettling tableau with a clay figurine of Davidson.

Clocking in at about four minutes, the video is filled with murky black-and-white imagery and animation. One sequence depicts a figure that resembles Ye putting a bag over the head of a figure that resembles Davidson, kidnapping him, and burying him up to his neck. Seeds are then planted and watered, and roses spring up around the Davidson lookalike's head. Performance interludes also appear to portray Ye rapping while holding a severed head.

Representatives for Davidson did not immediately respond to request for comment.

Listeners have already noted that the "Eazy" lyrics include a dig at Davidson, with Ye referencing his 2002 car accident and rapping, "God saved me from the crash, just so I could beat Pete Davidson's ass."

Ye also alludes to his and Kardashian's divorce. "We havin' the best divorce ever / If we go to court, we'll go to court together," he raps. Referring to Kourtney Kardashian, he adds, "Matter of fact, pick up your sis, we'll go to Kourt's together."

The "Eazy" video ends with a series of title cards that read: "Everyone lived happily every after / Except Skete you know who / JK he's fine." ("Skete" is a disparaging nickname Ye has recently taken to using to refer to Davidson.)

Davidson has been dating Kardashian, Ye's ex and the mother of their four children, since last fall, following her hosting an episode of SNL.

Ye and Kardashian were married in 2014, and she filed for divorce in February 2021. Kardashian was declared legally single the same day the "Eazy" video was released, and officially dropped "West" from her name.

Watch the "Eazy" video above.

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