Adding to the list of dream collaborations he's made come true for his fans, Justin Bieber follows up a hit duet with Ariana Grande with a feature on the new Shawn Mendes single "Monster."

Bieber and Mendes have both been hyping up the track for the past week, releasing a teaser and some artwork, as well as Bieber jokingly resurfacing a viral clip of him shadily asking "Who is Shawn Mendes?" during a radio interview.

The two artists have often been compared to each other just by nature of the various similarities between their careers. They both are young, shaggy-haired Canadian heartthrobs who were among the first breakouts from emerging social media platforms (Bieber from YouTube, Mendes from Vine).

They have also both become tabloid fodder partially for being in a romantic relationship with a fellow celebrity, and both happen to have documentary projects out this year that directly address the process of making art under this intense spotlight. The two artists addressed their similarities and the perils of having their personal lives so public during a livestream that they hosted side-by-side (watch below) before the song premiered. They also revealed they will be performing together at Sunday's American Music Awards, which explains why they appeared to be quarantined together.

The sultry new song begins with Mendes lamenting "You put me on a pedestal and tell me I'm the best" and questioning in the chorus what happens if he trips. Next, Bieber describes being "15 when the world put me on a pedestal" and having a chip on his shoulder. In the video, Mendes and Bieber take the message in a literal direction, climbing atop an actual pedestal during a thunderstorm, standing both back-to-back and swaying apart while singing "Please don't let me fall." Spoiler alert: they stay safe up there until the end.

"Monster" is the second single off of Mendes's upcoming album Wonder, out Dec. 4, which is available for preorder now.

Watch the full music video featuring Bieber and Mendes above.

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