John Prine
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There was no songwriter like him and there will never be another. John Prine's music cut across genre, age, race, and gender lines to affect everyone who was fortunate enough to come in contact with his plain-spoken wisdom and razor-sharp wit. So it was no surprise when news of his passing at 73 due to complications from coronavirus began to spread Thursday evening, tributes and plaudits came pouring out on social media.

Fellow musicians, actors, politicians, and fans around the world took to the virtual public square to testify to the power of Prine's songs, many quoting his eminently memorable lyrics from his vast discography.

From Bruce Springsteen, who called the Kentucky native "a true national treasure" to actor Bradley Whitford (The West Wing, Get Out), who thanked Prine for "making me laugh and breaking my heart and sharing your boundless humanity" the homages were heartfelt, just like Prine's music.

Bonnie Raitt, who famously covered Prine's delicate ballad "Angel From Montgomery" tweeted, "Words can't even come close" when trying to describe the heartbreak over the loss of her friend, to whom she sang that same song at the Grammys in January in recognition of his receiving the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

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