The class of 2020 can now claim to have had an Office reunion, a Jonas Brothers concert, and a Billie Eilish concert all in one for their prom.

On Friday, John Krasinski hosted a virtual prom on YouTube for this year's high school seniors, many of whom have had their real proms canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. "I can’t take it anymore how much you are all missing your prom. So let’s do something about it!" Krasinski wrote on Instagram ahead of the event.

The actor hosted a live stream through his Some Good News YouTube channel, with several celebrities stopping by to take part in the festivities. The first guests were Krasinski's The Office costar Rainn Wilson and Chance the Rapper, who dropped in to say hello and have a quick dance party. Later on, JoBros showed up, contributing an impressively edited three-way remote performance of "Sucker" (after Wilson jokingly requested "I Want It That Way").

"Since we never went to prom, and because we want to share this experience with everyone staying safe at home, we could potentially do one of our songs if that's alright, try to turn this party up a notch," Nick Jonas said before the brothers kicked off their performance.

Eilish then called in to perform "Bad Guy" with her brother Finneas O'Connell, and though her stream had brief technical issues, the performance itself went off without a hitch.

"Billie, you just hit your all-time career low, being on this show," Krasinski quipped when Eilish joined the call.

Krasinski closed out the stream with a message to the class of 2020, saying, "You guys are missing a whole lot of things, and we couldn't let prom be one of them... Chin up, this is all gonna be over soon. This weird level of joy is contagious; pick it up and do something with it." He then directed everyone to DJ D-Nice's Instagram for a virtual after-party. Talk about a night to remember.

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