What a man gotta do to get in a sold-out spin class?

File this one under: cool.

Joe Jonas didn't just sit idly by in a hotel during some recent downtime in Atlanta. No, the Jonas Brothers singer decided to hit a spin class — a spin class that was playing his music.

Jonas chronicled his adventure (with what sounds like wife Sophie Turner) on his Instagram.

"So, I'm in Atlanta, and I have an afternoon off, so I googled 'workout classes.' And just down the street, there's a Soul Cycle, so I thought let me look online and see if there are any workout classes today," Jonas says as the clip opens.

Joe Jonas
Joe Jonas
| Credit: Jamie McCarthy/WireImage

And just like that, he happened to find a class called "One Direction vs. The Jonas Brothers." Jonas, though, noted it was sold out, so he popped down to the studio to see if he could at least check-in.

When he arrived, he learned that team One D was beating the JoBros group — but that likely wasn't for long. After receiving permission, Jonas barged into the class, clapping along to the music.

Total shock went across the riders' faces, though the spin class participants actually kept pedaling as they realized Jonas had walked into their studio.

"Joe Jonas, everybody," the cycling instructor said, going with the flow.

Despite the class being sold out, Jonas did get a little spinning in. The video ended by showing him on the instructor's bike at the front of the class. 

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