The Olympic rugby player previously professed her love for the pop star, saying J. Lo "can literally do anything."
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.

J. Lo's proving once again that her love don't cost a thing.

On Sunday, Jennifer Lopez responded to a video of Olympic rugby player Ilona Maher, holding a cardboard cutout of the singer's face and professing her adoration for the pop star. Reposting the video on her own TikTok, Lopez wrote, "I choose you too," as her caption.

In her original video, the Olympian told the singer that she loves her "so much."

"I think you're so multi-talented and you can do literally anything," said Maher. "I wanna let you also that I was given multiple cutouts of hot men but I chose you because you're my number one."

Jennifer Lopez; Illona Maher
Credit: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images; Jennifer Lopez/TikTok

Asked in a previous interview which celebrity she'd love to have at the Olympics to cheer her on, the rugby star — who has become popular on TikTok — singled out Lopez.

"Her movies are my favorite," she said, listing Maid in Manhattan and Wedding Planner among her top picks. "I play her songs constantly in the locker room and I'm like, if anybody wants to fight me, I will fight you to the death that J. Lo's amazing. She can sing. She can dance. She can do anything."

Watch the video above.

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