Season 3 of Ted Lasso looks… weird.

What if Ted Lasso hailed from central Europe instead of the American South? And what if he coached synchronized swimming instead of soccer? These may not be questions you've ever asked yourself before, but the latest Foo Fighters music video nevertheless has the answers.

The video stars Emmy winner Jason Sudeikis as a strangely intense swimming coach (who might be modeled after real-life Romanian gymnastics coach Béla Károlyi?). His motivational-speaking style is certainly unique. While Ted often offers his players homespun folksy wisdom, this dude tells convoluted stories about his father dying inside his mother "right after I was conceived" ("I've seen the video — it was horrible") in the midst of prepping his team for "the most important competition of your lives."

Foo Fighters - Love Dies Young (Official Video) Jason Sudeikis
Jason Sudeikis is a different kind of coach in the new Foo Fighters video for 'Love Dies Young.'
| Credit: Foo Fighters

He's not the only one playing dress-up. After they dive into the pool to work on their routine, the synchronized swimmers spin around to reveal they are actually members of the band — or at least the faces of Dave Grohl and his fellow Foos have been digitally imposed onto the real swimmers'.

It all makes for an uncanny, splashy spectacle — especially when one of them chokes on a mouthful of water and needs to be resuscitated. Luckily, Sudeikis' other coach alter ego is willing to dance in front of the judges' table to prevent them from seeing this snafu, and the team is eventually rewarded… with a perfect score!

"Love Dies Young" is the fifth single from the Foo Fighters' latest album, Medicine at Midnight, which is available now. Watch the full video for it above.

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