On Tuesday morning, Janelle Monáe returned with a new music video — or emotion picture as she likes to call it — for "Turntables," the song she wrote for the new Amazon Studios documentary All In: The Fight for Democracy.

Given how the upcoming film focuses on battling systemic voter suppression in order to help flip important seats — like the Georgia governorship, a race the film's subject, Stacey Abrams, narrowly lost — the inspirational song promises "the table 'bout to turn" in its refrain.

In a statement to EW explaining some reasons why she came off a music hiatus to make the song, Monáe says, "Right now, I am focused on turning the election in our favor and I hope this song can inspire those who are on the ground doing the work."

She adds, "We are in the middle of a revolution right? What’s a revolution without a song and a song without a revolution. Tables are turning. The people will always be the saviors of the people. Music speaks to everyone and of course, has a huge influence in the way we think, things we do, and how we move. Lyrics to our favorite songs replay in our heads and I hope my words stick the ears that listen to it."

The futuristic video itself shows scenes and clips of inspirational Black figures from the past, present, and future, who are all in pursuit of an America that serves all of its citizens equally, and allows eligible voters to cast their ballots in November.

Watch the full "Turntables" video above.

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