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September 15, 2020 at 03:30 PM EDT

Homecoming (2018 TV series)

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Actor/musician Janelle Monáe has spent the past five years expanding the ways in which she shares her creative gifts, going from innovative music videos and kinetic live performances to starring in prestige film and TV projects like the Oscar-winning Moonlight.

In the latest edition of EW's Quick Binge, the artist shares three different projects to watch in order to better understand all that she has to offer right now.

Given how Monáe is in actor mode, currently promoting her new film Antebellum, her first credit she suggests binging is season 2 of the Amazon Prime Video thriller series Homecoming. "Each episode is about 30 minutes long, you could binge it in a day," she notes. The show follows a woman named Jackie, who wakes up in a boat without any memory of who she is. With her character trying to solve the mystery of her identity throughout the season, Monáe teases "every time she thinks she's getting closer to the truth, she's uncovering a lie."

"If you love things that kind of feel Hitchcockian, then I'd think you'd love this," she adds, "and it's also queer too, which I love."

For her next pick, Monáe suggests seeking out a performance she gave this year to celebrate Pride Month. The singer performed her song "Cold War" from her first studio album The ArchAndroid as a clip featuring past and present protests played behind her. With a refrain that says "This is a cold war, do you know what you're fighting for?" Monáe feels the song reminds even her to be "not willing to allow an abuse of power."

"This is for all of those who are on the frontlines, who are marching, who are standing up for marginalized communities and voices," she states. "Hopefully, it's a performance that you'll appreciate."

Lastly, Monáe recommends watching Dirty Computer, an extended music video (or emotion picture, as she likes to call it) that shows off all her talents while still conveying an important message.

"It speaks about the government trying to cleanse us of being dirty — because we're Black, because we're queer, because we're liberated," she explains. "It celebrates all the dirty computers and pisses off a lot of people who aim to silence us for being loud and being proud."

Watch the video for more of Monáe's recommendations on which projects of hers to binge.

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Homecoming (2018 TV series)

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