Someone remembers it all too well.

It's not a red scarf, but it's still causing champagne problems.

On Wednesday, W Magazine released their 2022 Best Performances Portfolio series, which included highlighting Jake Gyllenhaal and his work in the Danish film The Guilty. The actor's portrait features Gyllenhaal in a red button-down shirt and matching heart-shaped sunglasses.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift
In a 'W Magazine' photo, Jake Gyllenhaal is wearing similar heart-shaped glasses to ex Taylor Swift in the video for '22.'
| Credit: Steve Granitz/FilmMagic; Taylor Swift/YouTube

And between the sunglasses and the specific color choice of clothing, it's hard not to feel like the photo might be a gesture to Taylor Swift's recently rereleased album Red (Taylor's Version).

Red, considered to be one of the singer's best albums, includes the heartbreak track "All Too Well," which is widely speculated to be about Swift and Gyllenhaal's failed relationship. (The two dated briefly and broke up at the end of 2010.)

Last November, as part of her ongoing process to own the rights to all of her old albums, Swift released Red (Taylor's Version), which included a new (and more angsty) 10-minute version of the popular song with new lyrics like "And there we are again when nobody had to know/You kept me like a secret but I kept you like an oath."

So, is Gyllenhaal trying to make a statement with this photoshoot, even though it's been a few months since Red's release? The actor's representatives didn't immediately respond to EW's request for comment, but we can certainly speculate about a few key details — like the fact that the heart-shaped sunglasses he's wearing are nearly identical to the ones Swift wore in her music video for "22."

There's also the curious matter of a now-deleted caption on the magazine's Instagram that, according to InStyle, originally read, "Red (Jake's Version)" and appears to have been commented on by followers before it was reportedly changed. W didn't immediately respond to EW's request for comment.

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