It's the filmmaker's first video for the band since directing Alana Haim in her big-screen debut.
Courtesy of MGM

In the wake of three Oscar nominations for Licorice Pizza, it doesn't look like Paul Thomas Anderson is going to stop working with Haim any time soon. After directing Alana Haim — one member of the three-woman band, alongside her sisters Danielle and Este — in her big-screen debut and overseeing nine of the band's videos before that, the filmmaker has reteamed with them for their latest music video, "Lost Track."

The video, produced as part of a cover shoot for W Magazine, returns to the San Fernando Valley, where both Anderson and the Haim sisters grew up. The Valley is also the setting for Licorice Pizza and many of the director's other films. But while Licorice Pizza is set in the '70s, "Lost Track" places itself in the '50s — specifically in the milieu of women's social club activities that were popular then.

To populate the so-called Annual Balboa Gold Rush and Fashion Bazaar, Anderson called upon not just the Haim sisters, but also their mother, Donna (who Anderson says was his art teacher in elementary school), as well as Pearl Anderson, the director's daughter with Maya Rudolph.

Despite the slightly different time period, the "Lost Track" video certainly recalls the visual aesthetic of Licorice Pizza, which was EW's favorite film of 2021. "Licorice Pizza (the title, never once mentioned or explained, remains a happy non sequitur) is a love letter to an era, and more than that a feeling: a tender, funny ramble forged in all the hope and absurdity of adolescence, one wild poly-blend rumpus at a time," EW critic Leah Greenblatt wrote in her review.

Watch the video for "Lost Track" above.

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